Havana International Conference Center, Cuba, April 01 to 05, 2019
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Post conference Field Trip


Only for delegates a number of post conference field trips are being organized for the western, central, and eastern regions of Cuba.

The field trips are not included in the event costs, and will start on Saturday, April 8. Those interested in attending the field trips should submit an application to geociencias@mnhnc.inf.cu, specifying which of the planned field trips you would like to attend. Also, during the days of the conferenceattendees can make reservations at Havanatur S.A. offices, located in Palacio de las Convenciones.


Field Trip 01: Ophiolites in eastern Cuba: It will take six days. Localities in SIERRA NIPE–CRISTAL–MOA will be visited. Several mine sites and a visit to the Nicaro mining district are included. Outcrop observations will allow discussions about the structure and composition of ophiolites and chromites. The trip also includes a visit to the heroic Santiago de Cuba city, with and extension of 6170 km2 and a rich cultural and historical heritage.


Field Trip 02: Quaternary rocks in western Cuba: This is a one day field trip.The purpose is to visit the carbonate outcrops along the north coast of Artemisa, Havana and Mayabeque provinces. In addition to the geomorphology and landscape developed by these strata, we will enjoy the beautiful beaches and the magnificent coastal fossil dunes, which record the paleography of this region. We will also visit the three levels of marine terraces, particularly the Peñón del Frayle, a karstic coastal high, near Jibacoa beach in Santa Cruz del Norte.


Field Trip 03: Geology and tectonics of western Cuba: Geology and tectonics of western Cuba: This is a 3 day field trip. It will take place along the Sierra de los Órganos, which are located in the eastern part of Pinar del Río province, where will be visited the pangeo to protocaribbean jurassic through eocene section, but also the beautiful karst landscapes of Valle de Viñales.


Field Trip 04: North Havana-Matanzas provinces Thrusted Belt: This is a two day field trip. Departure is from Havana and we will be heading east along the beautiful north coastal zone of the island, which extends to Varadero Beach in the Matanzas province. Besides the greenish-blueish colors of the sea,we will also observe very interesting Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary outcrops, related to the Protocaribbean volcanic rocks. The northern petroleum belt of Cuba will also be observed.


Field Trip 05: Petroleum Geology in western Cuba: This is a two day field trip. It will take place along the Highway Havana-Pinar del Río provinces and the mountain highway. We will visit localities corresponding to source, reservoir, and seal rocks to have a better understanding of some of the Tectonic-Stratigraphic units which are part of the North American continental margin.  We will also visit the post-rift successions in Sierra del Rosario (Middle Oxfordian-Turonian?). We will be exposed to the extraordinary landscape of Sierra del Rosario Mountain range, which has been declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and to the famous thermal springs and baths of San Diego de los Baños.


Field Trip 06: K/T boundary sequences: This is a one day field trip. We will visit the extensive outcrops representing the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary in Pinar del Río, Havana, and Matanzas provinces. The proposed locations are critical stratigraphic references worldwide. Field observations will provide information about the regional paleography and the meteorite impact event in Gulf of Mexico. A visit is included to the wonderful landscapes like Valle de Viñales, with its outstanding karstic geomorphologyand the best tobacco and plantationzones. This is the natural region of the botanic gem “Palma Corcho” (MicrocycasCalocoma).