Havana International Conference Center, Cuba, April 05 to 09, 2021
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 The Cuban Geological Society (www.scg.cu) is pleased to invite Cuban and foreign professionals, technicians and university students of Geology, Geophysics, Mining and related sciences, to participate in the VIII Earth Sciences Convention (GEOSCIENCES´2019), in Havana, Cuba from April 1st to 5th 2019, The Convention includes an Exhibition of Products, New Technologies and Services (GEOEXPO´2019).                                                                                                                                                                  

The convention welcomes presentations about Cuba, the Caribbean or any regional studies, about the geology, geophysics and mining experiences in the search and management of natural resources, including minerals (metals, non-metals), water, oil and gas, construction, earthquake research and other geohazards, medical geology, education of geosciences; as well as any other related to the sustainable explotation of natural resources. We invite professional societies, institutions and non-government organizations to organize workshops, round tables and meetings during the Convention. For coordination, please contact the Organizing Committee at your earliest convenience: geociencias@mnhnc.inf.cu