Havana International Conference Center, Cuba, April 05 to 09, 2021
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PRESIDENT: DrC. José O. López Quintero

SECRETARY: DrC.  Silvia de la C. Valladares Amaro


PETRO 1. Oil and Gas Exploration (ORAL & POSTERS)


  • Exploration in Deep water zones in the Gulf of Mexico, Northern and Southern Cuba.
  • Exploration experiences in Thrust Belt Zones.
  • Geophysical methods applicable for exploration and oil fields development.
  • Non seismic methods for oil and gas Exploration. 

PETRO 2. Oil and Gas production (ORAL & POSTERS)


  • Heavy oil production in carbonates oil fields.
  • Non-conventional oil and gas fields.
  • Heavy oil extraction technologies.
  • Oil recovery methods.
  • Experiences in the exploitation and use of the associated gas.

PETRO 3. VI Workshop Horizontal drilling technology and far-reaching (ORAL & POSTERS)


  • Horizontal drilling technology and far-reaching.
  • Methodologies and equipment for security drilling.
  • Drilling technologies in deep water areas.
  • Drilling fluids in complex zone. 

PETRO 4.  III Workshop Biotechnology and Environmental Protection in the Oil industry. 


  • Methods and methodologies for the environmental protection in the oil Industry.
  • Uses of the associated gas.
  • Different applications of biotechnology in the oil industry. 

PETRO 5. III Workshop Apply chemistry in oil and gas industry (ONLY POSTERS)


  • Wells stimulation.
  • Petroleum products obtention.
  • Additives.

PETRO 6. I Workshop Experiences in application, evaluation and development of Improvement Oil Recovery Technology for heavy and extra heavy oils and bitumen. (ORAL & POSTERS)


  • Application and evaluation of Enhanced Oil Recovery methods in non-conventional oil fields (heavy and extra heavy oils and bitumen).
  • Evaluation of Steamflooding Performance in Carbonate reservoirs with Heavy and Extra heavy oil and bitumen.
  • Experiences in characterization of non-conventional oil reservoirs.
  • Experiences in the exploitation of non-conventional oil reservoirs.
  • Software used in the design, control and exploitation of non-conventional oil reservoirs.
  • Experiences of laboratory tests to increase the recovery factor in non-conventional reservoirs (heavy and extra heavy oils and bitumen).
  • Good practices of reservoir engineering for the control and exploitation of non-conventional oil reservoirs.
  • Experience in drilling and cementing of wells designed for the application of thermal methods.