Havana International Conference Center, Cuba, April 05 to 09, 2021
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The current conditions due to the development of COVID-19 and the unfavorable forecasts that are looming, has led the National Directive Board of the Cuban Geology Society to decide to modify the principles of the IX Earth Sciences Convention. It is valued to carry out in a mixed modality (face-to-face and not face-to-face), since depending on the situation of the pandemic it could be totally virtual, online or not face-to-face. Regardless of the modes of the event, the date remains: from April 5 to 9 of this year. Whichever mode of participation is chosen, a mixed event experience will be offered. It will not be necessary to restrict yourself to a face-to-face or virtual mode to send the proposal. You can prepare and present it both ways and change the presentation mode if necessary.

This is the surest approach for the success of the event, which will allow to expand the opportunities for learning and scientific exchange. The speakers will participate online in virtual conversations about the proposed topics, they will have attractive experiences through a new dynamic virtual conference platform, with interactive exhibition characteristics and abundant opportunities for the exhibition of results, products and services, all while the attendees they connect from the comfort and safety of their home or office. Participants will have easy and free access to keynotes, plenary sessions and posters located in the "cloud".

The main themes of the event turn around the five Congresses that are part of IX Earth Sciences Convention: Geology, Geophysics, Mining, Oil and Gas and Informatics in Geosciences. All of them join the common interest in the complex and subtle interrelationships that technology, knowledge and society have today, to make Geosciences an instrument at the service of society and development. The event includes topics related to the exploration of metallic and industrial mineral resources, energy and water, and the link with the main problems that the country faces, such as the development of agriculture, where the organic fertilizer (AGROMENA) play an important role, the production of materials for construction, resource management in a sustainable way, mining exploitation with adherence to environmental safety, as well as education and preparation of the population for risks of geological origin, the search for renewable energies, among others.